This page contains information about the lemma embeddings for Latin presented in the following paper submitted at CLiC-it 2019:
Sprugnoli, R., Passarotti, M., Moretti, G. vir is to moderatus as mulier is to intemperans - Lemma Embeddings for Latin.

Embeddings can be downloaded here.

Embeddings have been evaluated on a novel benchmark for the synonym selection task. The benchmark is available here.

Below, you can visualize two embeddings aligned to the same coordinate axes using the unsupervised alignment algorithm provided with the fastText code: link.

Embeddings were trained using fastText with the skip-gram architecture and 100 dimensions.

The code of the visualizations is kindly provided by Chris Culy.

Step 1: Load one or more embeddings, either your own or one of the samples.
Load embedding:
Step 1: select one or more sample embeddings:

Step 2: Check the embeddings you actually want to visualize.

Loaded Embeddings:

Step 3: Choose one of the visualizations and fill in the forms, then click show.
For example, in the "items" field you might put asked,answered.

Scatterplot Most similar Analogy
Comma separated items: Closest:
Comma separated items: Closest: Visualization type:

Analogy: A is to B as C is to X

is to as is to X
Method: Best: Exclude: Visualization type: